hi, I am Nitin Garg. A Communication Designer working primarily for interaction & usability. At present i stay in Delhi/Noida, India. Designjunction.in is an online showcase of my work and blog. Here i blog to share my experiments,experiences and everything else interesting i find around. For feedback, post-sharing or being an author do mail me at nitin@designjunction.in

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Trying to get away from design defaults, simplicity & minimalism for a while.
A little Sunday warm-up before starting actual conceptual work.

W3C Redesign Launch

The well known World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards launch their redesign yesterday, 13th Oct.

The new site is much sleeker,  simplified information architecture, new style for technical reports, and new content, including calendars and aggregated blogs and most important it gives the respect the organization deserves.


Mer Du Japon

J’en perds la raison / i lost my mind
Dans la mer du Japon / in the sea of Japan

The result of synthesisa, when the hearing of the  sound produces the visualization. So this is my interpretation for this beautiful track by French Band, AIR.
Pen on paper with quick touch-ups in PS.

Update : Wallpaper Version } 1920 x 1200

: )

Type & Grid – Wallpaper

Type & Grid is all you need to communicate your ideas effectively. And sometimes they can decorate and refresh your desktop too : )

Click here or on the image to download 1920px wide version.

Recently, this wallpaper was featured on PSDTUTS post “Big Time Eye Candy from Creattica” along with other 32 inspiring artworks.

Afternoon Typo Break with Baskerville

Was working on a logo and got stuck in between. For a change just took a typo break.
And yes, I love the ‘g’ glyph of Baskerville Old Face type. : )

Click on Image for full size

15+ Must have Web Resources for Designers

In last few weeks, while revising and organizing all my resource files and references i realized how helpful they have been to  develop myself as a functional designer. Here is a compilation of some useful documents and resources which i think every designer should refer.

Continue reading…

Meet the Elements Video ! An infographic periodic table.

“Meet the Elements” is an infographic video representation of elements of periodic table and how they form our world. The video is created by BoingBoing for the double Grammy award winner alternative rock band There Might be Giants.

Works really well as an educational video ! I wish even in my school-time we would have more videos like this instead of bulky books : )

Alternate Frequency ! New wallpaper.

My Sunday runaway from the regular work !
Too much of electronica  and you end up doing something like this ! : )

A blend of vector,grunge and realism.

You can download the 1920 x 1200 version.

Google is lot (98%) more than search !

Last week at home, when i was trying to show my website & blog to my dad and getting him in the “world of internet 2.0 ( or whatever you call it )” which was a fail later on, he asked me, “How does Google earns ? ”

So this was the answer i found and it makes me rethink that is Google really a search-engine ?

No, its an Advertising engine.

Data Source : thestandard.com

(ITF) Indian Type Foundry

Yesterday, 4th Sep. ITF-Indian Type Foundry, an initiative by Peter Biľak of Typotheque and SN Rajpurohit and Rajesh Kejriwal (Kyoorius Exchange) was launched as first specialised company to develop and directly distribute digital fonts in India.

Fedra Hindi is released as the first typeface from ITF. Continue reading…

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