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Visual Hierarchy

Hierarchy exists in almost everything we know, family, companies, society, politics, workplace, army etc.

Why ?
Because it maintains the order and makes the whole system organize, which is directly related to the its efficiency & effectiveness.

Similarly, in a layout, which is a process of manipulating user’s attention on the artwork to communicate with a logic, sequence,comfort and impact, Visual hierarchy is one of the most important tools to make it more functional and communicate in a better way.

The concept of visual hierarchy is simple , the more important content should look like more important, and the less important should look like less important. And the user should be able to divide and retrieve the data in chunks.

Lets understand this with a simple example. Continue reading…

Faltjahr – 1 Year in 12 Paper Pop-Ups

Faltjahr a project by Johann Volkmer, is a beautifully crafted calender consists of 12 A3-size paper-based pop-up objects. Every month is presented with elegant paper crafts done with monochrome white paper.  And every monthly theme craft can also be used a hung up wall decorative piece.

The project is aimed to explore the possibilities of paper as a medium of expression.

Error 404: Wallpaper not found

Was playing with PHP earlier today for developing a wordpress theme. Being a designer, digging into development i was expecting the 404 to come again and again while testing and i wasn’t wrong. But, thankfully after a while got my hands on code and this quick wallpaper came out as a side-effect of too much of 404ness today.

Download if you like. : )

Hate Advertising ? Make better ads.

Hate Advertising ? Make better ads.

After Helevetica and Objectified now we have one more film dedicated to creative industry. Directed by Doug Pray, ART & COPY is a film about advertising and inspiration.

The film talks about the advertisements and creatives who had influenced our lives and impacted on our culture but yet are unknown outside their industry. ART & COPY features George Lois, Mary Wells, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow, Hal Riney and others who were responsible for “Just Do It,” “I Love NY,” “Where’s the Beef?,” “Got Milk,” “Think Different,” and more brilliant campaigns.

Now, we hope that apart from inspiring the creative individuals these films will also help in generating a social design awareness and make people realize that they are so much influenced by an industry which sometimes they are not even aware about.

The film was released on August 21, 2009 at IFC Center in New York City.
Official Website : http://artandcopyfilm.com/

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