Ars Electronica Festival 2009 – Human Nature

Founded in 1995 with the opening of Museum of the Future, ARS Electronica is an organization focusing on complex changes and interrelationships in art,technology and society. And they also responsible for organizing the ARS Electronica Festival and the Prix Ars Electronica.

This time, with the theme Human Nature the Festivals turns 30 years old.

The festival schedule looks extremely promising for great experience and learning. The event starts with the “Starry-Starry Night” showcasing projects like “80+1 A Journey around the World”. The whole day will be lined-up with the events and workshops related to stars, the cosmos and astronomy.

The other great attraction is the Cyberarts exhibition showcasing 3,017 works from 68 countries on topics like :
“The Physical Value of Sound, which reflects on the physicality of music and the tense interrelationship between analog and digital. “Call Cutta in a box”, an expermental installation. “In the Line of Sight” which uses 100 computer-controlled tactical flashlights to project low-resolution video footage of suspicious human motion and a lot more which makes the whole event sound like a wonderland for me.

The other sections are “Device Art”, a new art-form, a synthesis of art, design, technology, science and entertainment and “Pixelspaces 2009″, which is dedicated to the art of new and not-yet-institutionalized transdisciplinary linkup sand spotlights the innovative new poetic forms of expression engendered by them.

Apart from all that, the festival is full of experimental exhibitions, conferences, lectures and live performances and concerts.
I wish i could get a chance to be there…but for now, i will say thanks to WWW and try to keep a watch on the updates coming from there official site and twitter.

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