hi, I am Nitin Garg. A Communication Designer working primarily for interaction & usability. At present i stay in Delhi/Noida, India. Designjunction.in is an online showcase of my work and blog. Here i blog to share my experiments,experiences and everything else interesting i find around. For feedback, post-sharing or being an author do mail me at nitin@designjunction.in

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Trying to get away from design defaults, simplicity & minimalism for a while.
A little Sunday warm-up before starting actual conceptual work.

Visual Hierarchy

Hierarchy exists in almost everything we know, family, companies, society, politics, workplace, army etc.

Why ?
Because it maintains the order and makes the whole system organize, which is directly related to the its efficiency & effectiveness.

Similarly, in a layout, which is a process of manipulating user’s attention on the artwork to communicate with a logic, sequence,comfort and impact, Visual hierarchy is one of the most important tools to make it more functional and communicate in a better way.

The concept of visual hierarchy is simple , the more important content should look like more important, and the less important should look like less important. And the user should be able to divide and retrieve the data in chunks.

Lets understand this with a simple example. Continue reading…

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