hi, I am Nitin Garg. A Communication Designer working primarily for interaction & usability. At present i stay in Delhi/Noida, India. Designjunction.in is an online showcase of my work and blog. Here i blog to share my experiments,experiences and everything else interesting i find around. For feedback, post-sharing or being an author do mail me at nitin@designjunction.in

Archived entries for Print/CMYK

World Environment Day (WED)

Some Posters I created for this World Environment Day.

First is for Rain Water Conservation. Second is to promote green search engine called Forestle, which helps Rain-forest conservation by donating their advertising revenues.

A little about World Environment Day.

World Environment Day, WED is established in 1972 by United Nations General Assembly. Every year its hosted by a different city on a different theme through the week of 5th June.

Some Recent Events.
2007 : Held in Norway on the theme of  ” Melting Ice – A Hot Topic ? ”
2008 : The slogan for 2008 was “CO2, Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy.” Hosted by New Zealand .
2009 : This year’s host is Mexico and the theme is ‘Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change’.

View More Posters for WED from 1970-2009

Spams can be useful too, like Spamghetto.

Everyday we all get some great offers for lotteries,  financial services, amazing gifts and little more which you cant even think of.  All in a bunch of SPAM mails ! And we have no option other than washing them away to trash.

But, at TODO.to.it – an interaction and media design studio, they have used up-to 2000 different junk mail subjects to create a beautiful wallpaper. They call it SPAMGHETTO.

According to them, a quick glance at spam mails gives fresh inspirations, bizarre subjects. And may be someday a brilliant scientist will find the definitive solution to eradicate from the web the bittersweet pleasure of spam.

The wallpaper is created using a generative software, so it can be folded and molded accordingly to desired dimensions of space.

Miniature Toy Cars shoot.

A small shoot of some of my old toy cars,  i wish i get some time and a good story to do some stop-motion using them in this style :) .
For now, i have uploaded a 10 image package avilable for download.

Download them, add your own components, have fun !

But, please dont use them for commercial purpose. And i would be pleased if u leave credit  note or a link.

Simling Typefaces

We all are pretty conversant with the typical smile emoticons we use on web, but from years and years we are watching them only in the restricted web fonts like Verdana, Georgia and so on.

So i just did a small experiment to find out how other type “faces” smile, and some of them are really interesting !!

And ya…notice Arial, is he trying to pretend like Mr. Helvetica !

Update : The experiment is now available as a print-ready A3 poster. Click here to download.

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