hi, I am Nitin Garg. A Communication Designer working primarily for interaction & usability. At present i stay in Delhi/Noida, India. Designjunction.in is an online showcase of my work and blog. Here i blog to share my experiments,experiences and everything else interesting i find around. For feedback, post-sharing or being an author do mail me at nitin@designjunction.in

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Ars Electronica Festival 2009 – Human Nature

Founded in 1995 with the opening of Museum of the Future, ARS Electronica is an organization focusing on complex changes and interrelationships in art,technology and society. And they also responsible for organizing the ARS Electronica Festival and the Prix Ars Electronica.

This time, with the theme Human Nature the Festivals turns 30 years old.

The festival schedule looks extremely promising for great experience and learning. The event starts with the “Starry-Starry Night” showcasing projects like “80+1 A Journey around the World”. The whole day will be lined-up with the events and workshops related to stars, the cosmos and astronomy.
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Visual Hierarchy

Hierarchy exists in almost everything we know, family, companies, society, politics, workplace, army etc.

Why ?
Because it maintains the order and makes the whole system organize, which is directly related to the its efficiency & effectiveness.

Similarly, in a layout, which is a process of manipulating user’s attention on the artwork to communicate with a logic, sequence,comfort and impact, Visual hierarchy is one of the most important tools to make it more functional and communicate in a better way.

The concept of visual hierarchy is simple , the more important content should look like more important, and the less important should look like less important. And the user should be able to divide and retrieve the data in chunks.

Lets understand this with a simple example. Continue reading…

Faltjahr – 1 Year in 12 Paper Pop-Ups

Faltjahr a project by Johann Volkmer, is a beautifully crafted calender consists of 12 A3-size paper-based pop-up objects. Every month is presented with elegant paper crafts done with monochrome white paper.  And every monthly theme craft can also be used a hung up wall decorative piece.

The project is aimed to explore the possibilities of paper as a medium of expression.

Error 404: Wallpaper not found

Was playing with PHP earlier today for developing a wordpress theme. Being a designer, digging into development i was expecting the 404 to come again and again while testing and i wasn’t wrong. But, thankfully after a while got my hands on code and this quick wallpaper came out as a side-effect of too much of 404ness today.

Download if you like. : )

Hate Advertising ? Make better ads.

Hate Advertising ? Make better ads.

After Helevetica and Objectified now we have one more film dedicated to creative industry. Directed by Doug Pray, ART & COPY is a film about advertising and inspiration.

The film talks about the advertisements and creatives who had influenced our lives and impacted on our culture but yet are unknown outside their industry. ART & COPY features George Lois, Mary Wells, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow, Hal Riney and others who were responsible for “Just Do It,” “I Love NY,” “Where’s the Beef?,” “Got Milk,” “Think Different,” and more brilliant campaigns.

Now, we hope that apart from inspiring the creative individuals these films will also help in generating a social design awareness and make people realize that they are so much influenced by an industry which sometimes they are not even aware about.

The film was released on August 21, 2009 at IFC Center in New York City.
Official Website : http://artandcopyfilm.com/

Twitter Icon for your Blog.

Another candidate in the freebie lane, a twitter birdie icon for your personal blogs and website.

The package has PNG files from 512 x 512px to 16 x 16px, along with the ICO and ICN.

Feel free to use for your non-profit personal blogs or websites. And if you are interested to use it for commercial purpose like an application icon or something do mail me at nitin@designjunction.com to get the original Photoshop File.


Visual Newsreader-Spectra

Spectra News Reader provides an interesting way to capture the massive content from news site in a form of information visualization.

The content is presented in from of channels, you can select the channels you interested in to get headlines in form of Media Cards floating in a 3D space. In your space you can flip media cards, read news with image support or follow the link to full story. And the cards which has user already read gets tucked away behind in stacks.

Apart from the 3D experience a pagination-scroll bar at bottom provides a linear progression to capture the data. And makes it easy to look over a larger amount of information in lesser time. And yes, if you have a web cam enabled you can enjoy a little more richer experience. It detects the color presented in front of camera and displays all the media cards related to that color.

So go forward, start visualizing your news content now. Visit Spectra Page

HOME: An Aerial Portrait of our beautiful planet.

The movie HOME is a beautiful documentary film directed by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and co-produced by Elzévir Films and EuropaCorp (Luc Besson’s company) and supported by PPR.

HOME is made up of aerial images which have been filmed in more than fifty countries around the world. A voice-off will offer constructive hindsight into the major environmental and social challenges facing our world.

The movie was released worldwide on June 5th, 2009 – World Environment Day – in cinemas, on television, on DVD and on the Internet around the world. The aim of this simultaneous worldwide broadcasting is to enable as many people as possible to watch the movie together.

The objective of HOME is not to make a profit. Its only benefit will be to contribute towards increasing awareness of our responsibility towards the planet.

You can Watch the entire film here
The imagery is brilliant, the narration is informative. The whole expereince of 1 hour 33 minutes makes us realize that such a beautiful place we are destroying with the time.

World Environment Day (WED)

Some Posters I created for this World Environment Day.

First is for Rain Water Conservation. Second is to promote green search engine called Forestle, which helps Rain-forest conservation by donating their advertising revenues.

A little about World Environment Day.

World Environment Day, WED is established in 1972 by United Nations General Assembly. Every year its hosted by a different city on a different theme through the week of 5th June.

Some Recent Events.
2007 : Held in Norway on the theme of  ” Melting Ice – A Hot Topic ? ”
2008 : The slogan for 2008 was “CO2, Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy.” Hosted by New Zealand .
2009 : This year’s host is Mexico and the theme is ‘Your Planet Needs You – Unite to Combat Climate Change’.

View More Posters for WED from 1970-2009

Super Mario – The 8-bit awesomeness !

I don’t need to say anything about the legendary label. As a kid, it was the first experience of such great interaction with sight,sound & motion. I still remember all the level maps, characters and not to mention, the music.

Yesterday, i just created this Fan art wallpaper for Super Mario. Tried to make the final art a mix of vector + pixel-art. Its available in 1920 x 1200 wide-screen as well as regular version.


A little more about Mario.

Super Mario Bros.  is a platform video game was developed and published by Nintendo in late 1985. In Super Mario Bros., the main character-Mario, saves Princess Toadstool ‘Peach’ of the Mushroom Kingdom from King Koopa ‘Bowser’. Mario’s younger brother, Luigi-is the second player in multi-player mode, and plays on the same plot role as Mario.

To save Princess, Mario travels through the eight worlds and three sub-worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom by going to the castle in each to defeat a minion of King Koopa. Inside the eighth castle, Mario frees the Princess Peach after a final fight with King Koopa !

Apart from the amount of detailing in graphics & gameplay or arcade level, the music of the game played a major role to struck the user’s head. It was composed by Kōji Kondō, a Japanese musician who has created compositions for various Nintendo Games including Duck Hunt, Wrecking Crew, Mario Bros. and Kung-Fu !

I couldn’t found the original soundtrack but in the video below, a guy from Soth Korea called Zack Kim plays Mario theme on his Guitar. Worth a Watch !

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